About Us

If one requires a humble synonym of dedication and committment, here we present Dr.D.B.Kumar, a pioneer in training students for the civil services examination.

Having done Ph.D in Earth Science and also Bachelors in Law,both from Osmania University, Dr.D.B.Kumar has undertaken to guide/teach aspirants taking up the civil services examination beginning in 1995. Learning and helping students in this endeavor has been a passion for him and this with scintillating success.He has successfully guided scores of aspirants successfully to get selected for the coveted IAS, IPS  and Allied Services.

If you believe in hitting the civil services by understanding the exam and the mental process of the examiner, then you are reading about the right institution. The institution which reduces your burden, strives for clarity in your understanding of the exam and brings you close to the requirements of the exam and hence to success.

Our Team

General Studies – under the guidance of Dr.D.B.Kumar, supported by a team of teachers distinguished in their own fields.

Dr.D.B.Kumar- Polity & Governance, Indian Economy, Geography, International Relations and Ethics

Sri E. Seeniah – History & Culture including World History

 Dr. Rajashekar – Science and Technology and Biology

Dr.G.S. Kartik and Mr. Uday- Social Issues and Indian Society

Other Faculty – Basic Sciences, Internal Security etc